Fibergé is now a TWO-woman show! Keep reading to meet our owners. 

Meet our original-owner-turned-partner, Lysha Broad

Hi! I'm Lysha. I'm wife to one, mom to four, lover of practical jokes, and destroyer of many fine dance moves. I learned to crochet in college, learned to sew when I was newly married, and learned to knit when I was pregnant with my second baby. Making things with my own two hands had given me more satisfaction (and, at times, frustration) than I could ever expect, and I fell in love with handcrafts. In 2011, my husband lost his job. We had two small kids and a fridge to fill, so I said, "Well, I have a sewing machine, knitting needles, fabrics, and yarns. Why don't I make some things and sell them to help make ends meet?" I started listing my original creations online and I had plenty of work to keep me busy. I eventually outgrew my teeny home studio, so I opened a workspace at the Pendleton Art Center where I painted, sewed, knitted, and designed lots of things. At that point, the previous owner of Fibergé reached out to me and said she'd been following my work and she needed to close her Vine Street location, but wondered if I'd be interested in reopening Fibergé down the road. Obviously I eventually agreed, decided to add fabrics because sewing makes me equally as happy as knitting, and got to work. 3.5 years in, and I'm beyond grateful that I said yes! After my fourth baby came home, I decided I needed someone to come alongside me at the shop so I could be more present with my family. My new partner, Toby, was my top pick from day one and I'm thrilled that she decided to come on board! I'm excited to see what amazing things we accomplish together! Cheers!

Meet our new co-owner, Toby Ganz


I have been a maker long before the term was coined. I had been sorely missing a place from which to launch big ideas and a community to join in the fun; when Lysha approached me and asked me to partner with her at Fibergé, it was a dream come true. I enjoy a multitude of fiber arts. I knit (of course!), crochet a bit, weave a lot, felt and sew sort-of, and am willing to try anything at least twice. I have a deep passion for teaching others these crafts because I believe that once learned, these activities provide us with a space to find out more about ourselves as we rhythmically click along. I have been an avid member of the Weaver's Guild of Greater Cincinnati for five years and I hope to spread my weaving passion to our Fibergé friends. Come take a class and learn something new! I look forward to being a part of Fibergé and to meeting all of our lovely customers. Please stop by to introduce yourself. Wishing you a very happy, peaceful, and creative 2019. 

My best,
Toby Ganz